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Seward, Alaska



Seward Data Services has been serving select Seward businesses since 2003. We are happy to announce that our services have been broadened to support any Seward business that needs our assistance.


Seward Data Services is qualified to provide the following services to your business:

  • Information Systems Support
    Supporting information systems is our specialty.  We can set up or support systems such as database and client-server software that are mission critical to keeping your business running.
  • Network Support
    We can set up and maintain computer connectivity for both wired and wireless networks
  • PC Repair
    Is your P.C. on the fritz? We replace failed hardware, upgrade components, recover data, remove viruses, fix operating system or software glitches, a performance tune-up or completely reformat your system
  • Web Sites
    We can create and manage web sites including WordPress or other content management systems. We adhere to W3C Standards and support the integration of leading web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, ASP.NET, PHP or Python.
  • Cabling
    Seward Data Services can cable your building for data to IEEE Ethernet Standards.
  • Consulting
    Planning a project involving any of the above? We can advise you with your project.
  • Training
    Need your employees to get up to speed with a new technology? Are you interested in learning more about computers? Seward Data Services can help.
  • Other
    We can also support the installation and maintenance of other electronics such as security cameras, audio/video equipment, and are willing to master any electronic system you wish to implement.

Service Rates

  • General Support Fee
    $95 per hour, 1 hour minimum
  • Web Site Creation or Maintenance
    $65 per hour
  • Contract Rates
    Contract rates are available and vary depending on the scope of services to be rendered.

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Phone: 907-362-3070